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Solicitors need to sharpen up on business social media.

By Tim Prizeman, senior PR consultant

Solicitors from the top UK law firms are behind their competitors and failing to effectively use LinkedIn as a powerful tool for business development. The research conducted by Kelso Consulting found out while "Magic Circle" firms such as Clifford Chance and Linklaters had relatively higher ratio of LinkedIn users, many mid-sized law firms failed to get well utilised LinkedIn to get referrals and recommendations for business development, together with “me-too” and bland corporate pages. View PDF

Accountants must switch on to social media.

By Tim Prizeman, senior PR consultant

LinkedIn is one of the most visited business websites in Britain and the world, and is a hugely powerful networking and business development tool. Our research shows that many accountants, particularly in mid-tier firms, need to wake up to its benefits. Do read our recent research. View PDF

What drives executives to turn a crisis into a PR disaster?

The psychology that drives executives to turn a crisis into a PR disaster.

By Tim Prizeman, senior PR consultant

Why do executives at big and successul companies such as BP and Toyota turn crises into PR disasters, despite their almost unlimited resources and expensive advisors? Kelso Consulting looks at psychological traits, such as self-reinforcement and denial, that drive many executives to make such a mess when under pressure. View PDF

Using LinkedIn for business development

Using LinkedIn for business development: The basics.

By Tim Prizeman, senior PR consultant

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