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 It is easy to think that just because there isn't a charge for using Twitter, that it is "free" for businesses to use this fashionable communications channel.  In fact nothing could be further from the truth, as many firms have discovered having embarked on using it. 

A bad Twitter feed is probably worse than none at all, but an under-estimating of the time involved in feeding this baby cuckoo with worm-sized 140 character morsels can quickly push other marketing activity out of the nest!

In fact Twitter, to be done effectively, can be very resource-intensive when you add up the need for content with the building up of a decent follower-base (after all - if you only have 75 followers, is it even worth the bother?).

If you are contemplating your business's Twitter strategy, our aide memoire gives a handy list of all the elements you need to bring together to create not just a great strategy - but also something that works in the real world too.  Please click here to download a copy.

Twitter strategy tipsHowever, before spending lots of time on Twitter, consider your firm's use of LinkedIn.  While Twitter gets all the publicity, it is LinkedIn that millions of businesspeople are using on a weekly, and usually daily, basis.  Is time best spent on Twitter or on improving your effectiveness on LinkedIn.

If you think Twitter, then click here for our Twitter Strategy mindmap.

If you think LinkedIn, then please click here.



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