Tim Prizeman, Senior PR Consultant

Tim Prizeman has over 20 years' experience in devising and delivering successful Public Relations, thought leadership and business development campaigns. 

He has advised numerous UK and international clients, particularly within the professional, financial services, outsourcing and IT sectors.

Tim Prizeman

He is the author of the new book The Thought Leadership Manual - how to grab your clients' attention with powerful ideas - click here to order it on Amazon (click here for Amazon's US site).

Tim set up Kelso Consulting to provide a quality boutique service for businesses looking to grow through building strong leadership reputations in their markets.

Initially a journalist, Tim previously worked in senior PR roles within the big global accountancy and consulting firms. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations Consultants Association.

Kelso Consulting reflects Tim's belief that clients with sophisticated services and markets are best represented by experienced Public Relations advisers who get actively involved in all aspects of the PR programme.

Thought Leadership book - details

He has extensive (and award-winning) experience of helping his clients develop and deliver research-based thought leadership programmes, many of which have become their main annual sales generation initiatives.

He is also an expert in handling sensitive issues (ensuring that negative coverage is minimised wherever possible through pre-emptive action). 

Tim regularly speaks on social media, publicity and thought leadership issues - both at Kelso Consulting's seminars and at various conferences and other events.  To contact Tim Prizeman, please call him on 020 7242 2286 or email here, and please do read his LinkedIn profile.


Delivering leads for our clients with inbound marketing

His philosophy towards helping clients achieve rapid growth is based around the creation of thought leadership to generate strong press coverage as well as grab the attention of their prospects and bring meetings. 

Squeezing every drop of value from such campaigns is essential and this is where "inbound marketing" fits in - the attraction, qualifying and nuturing of these leads to generate a continusous sales pipeline.

Tim is able to help clients turn their "headline thinking" into such "hardline results" through his strong inbound marketing experience and with practical support using the leading inbound marketing software Hubspot.


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