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The Kelso Consulting team has award-winning experience of creating and delivering high-impact thought leadership campaigns for our consultancy, professional services and technology clients. 

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Case study one - thought leadership campaigns for management consultancy

Working with our client, a ten-year-old international management consultancy, to create and deliver a thought leadership programme. Our role involves helping with the inception of themes and research ideas, through report writing to helping project managing the internal and client roll-out. 

As you would expect with Kelso Consulting (being a PR agency that prides itself of ensuring a big media impact) our client's coverage has delivered an extremely high impact, and has included authored articles in Forbes and the Wall St Journal through to the UK quality broadsheets.  

Our client's market research shows that it already has stronger brand awareness with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies than many of its more established competitors, while the programme has delivered new and very large clients - both from fresh leads and existing contacts who have been impressed.


Case study two - thought leadership for management consultancy targeting public sector

Considerable pressures on the public sector meant that our client, a UK management consultancy, wanted to highlight its expertise and success in improving workers' productivity with council chief executives to secure more efficiency-improvement projects. 

The thought leadership campaign we created delivered this message with a strong impact - the initial report in the programme sparked national debate and widespread coverage, ranging from the front page of the Daily Telegraph and BBC Radio Four Today programme through to a range of other national newspapers, management and local government publications. 

The strong coverage included a two-page feature on the research in the Local Government Chronicle, the key trade journal.  This was reused as the central element of a direct mail campaign and meeting-booking campaign that successfully secured meetings with senior prospects (whereas previous such attempts had failed without the credibility brough by the report and media attention).


Case study three - annual benchmarking report creates market-leading reputation for Saas provider

Now in its ninth successful year, the GlobalExpense Employee Expenses Benchmark Report is an award-winning campaign that has helped our client establish itself as the market leader in its area. 

Click here to read the case study of how Kelso Consulting worked with this business from a three-person start-up, and please click here to hear from its chief executive about the impact this thought leaderships campaign has had on his business and sales {GlobalExpense is now part of Concur, one of the world's largest Saas providers}.


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