• What are the benefits for me?

    Our help with Breakthrough Insights will ensure you are in the strongest posible positon for success with exciting ideas, strong insights and a clear plan for quickly getting the facts you need.

  • How will we help?

    Attention-grabbing insights rarely come from staring at lots of numbers (contrary to popular belief), they come from knowledge AND creativity AND intellectual curiosity. 

    We'll help your team develop the strong insights that will ensure really outstanding thought leadership.

  • Who is Breakthrough Insights for?

    This programme is for teams that have done all-important planning and groundwork, and who now want delivering those attention-grabbing findings and insights that will deliver the strongest-possible campaign.

What is successful Thought Leadership?

Great thought leadership is all about grabbing the attention of your clients and prospects with:

- Original ideas
- With important implications
- Backed by evidence
- Clearly expressed, publicly discussed
- That strongly influence the opinions of others

What is successful Thought Leadership?


Achieving creative breakthroughs and strong insights

To stand out you need fresh insights with important implications to grab the attention of your clients and prospects.


Our Creative Breakthroughs & Insights support is specifically to help you and your team achieve these big ideas.


Consisting of thorough preparation and a workshop with you and your team, our support will ensure your initiative delivers the strongest insights with the best possible evidence supporting them.


Most firms make the mistake of launching into initiatives without a clear idea of what their “big idea” is going to be.  Not surprisingly, most fail to find it.

Thought Leadership 

By contrast, successful initiatives involve creating great hypotheses early… and then the team sets about proving them.  We’ll work
with you to do just this, ensuring that your initiative delivers great insights that will grab the attention of clients, prospects, the
media and other opinion-formers.


Thought Leadership Services
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Areas where we will help you include:

 - Creating breakthrough insights: We will help you apply brainstorming and our own creativity techniques so you and your team develop hypotheses that will deliver the strongest possible thought leadership.

 - Identifying the evidence:  Great ideas without evidence are simply opinion.  We'll help you identify how best to turn your ideas into insights, whether through research, analysis, case stuides or other forms of proof.

 - Bullet-proofing your thought leadership: We'll help you ensure your hypotheses are genuinely attention-grabbing, giving your initiative the strongest impact.


What is the benefit for me?

There is lots of 'thought leadership' published each week that is bland, me-too and generally forgetable.  Our service ensures this won't be you!


Instead, you and your team will emerge with exciting ideas, strong insights and a focus for quickly getting the facts needed to prove and illustrate them in a compelling way.



Who is the Thought Leadership creative breakthrough service particularly for?

  The Creative Breakthrough support and workshop is for teams that have done the all-important planning and groundwork, and who are now ready to “get stuck into” creating insights that will deliver the strongest and most attention-grabbing findings.

 - It is particularly recommended for organisations about to spend large amounts on research to ensure that your investment 'hits the mark' and doesn't deliver costly but uninteresting findings.






































  If you are ready to work with us to create strong insights that will grab the attention of senior decision-makers and opinion-formers, please complete this form (or call us on 020 7242 2286):