Creating really successful thought leadership campaigns 

Webinar: Thursday 4 February 2016 from 12.00pm - 1.00pm. Please Book Now to secure your place and a recording.

 Creating ideas that grab your clientss attention




Creating great insights to avoid "me-too marketing"

Thought Leadership seminar

In today's crowded B2B and financial markets, technical expertise and a great service are not nearly enough to stand out. 

But rather than highlighting their value and expertise, many businesses lapse into "me-too marketing" that ends up making them look even more similar to their competitors... not distinctive and memorable, which you need to build the sort of great reputation that gets you on the tender list and lots of recommendations.

But how do these demonstrate distinctive value that makes you stand out clearly as better than your rival firms?

Many firms are successfully using "thought leadership" campaigns to differentiate themselves by bringing innovative insights to their clients and prospects.  They don't market themselves by asserting "we are experts" - they market themselves by demonstrating their expertise through great insights and distinctive knowledge.


How thought leadership boosts growth:

A well-executed thought leadership campaign will dramatically improve your sales and marketing success.  

It differentiates you from your competitors (making it easier to win business); it provide great content for all those hungry marketing channels (direct mail, PR, social media, etc); and it gives the insights for powerful challenger selling.  But a poorly executed one simply sucks up time and resources for little impact.

Kelso Consulting has a long track-record of creating and running successful thought leadership campaigns, including award-winning ones.  At this webinar, director Tim Prizeman will look at how to create a successful campaign and how to maximise its business development impact. 

It will include case studies, including:

  • how a SME technology business was positioned as the go-to expert on Black Friday, resulting in over 350 items of media coverage in just two days, a huge boost in web traffic and leads from some of the world's best known businesses,

  • how a smaller firm of lawyers gained regular national newspaper coverage on its area of specialism, including appearing on the FT's front page and boosting its appointment rate with prospects.

  • how three people at Deloitte used thought leadership to create an industry-leading practice. 

Elements this thought leadership webinar will also cover include:

  • the key ingredients for strong and attention-grabbing insights;

  • making the business case for your campaign and measuring success;

  • getting your insights into the quality newspapers and business media;

  • getting the maximum value from your investment;

  • getting the maximum number of suitable leads and sales from the programme;

  • delivering thought leadership on a budget (an area where Kelso Consulting has won three awards)

  • your questions answered


Who should attend this thought leadership webinar:

All people involved in thought leadership campaigns and those wishing instigate one at their business, including:

  • Business owners as well as partners at professional firms of all sizes looking to build a great reputation and better quality sales leads;

  • Marketing, sales and business development directors at financial, professional, consultancy and B2B technology businesses


Webinar presenter:Tim Prizeman, PR

The webinar will be presented by Kelso Consulting director Tim Prizeman.  Tim has been working on successful thought leadership, PR and business development campaigns for nearly 25 years.  

He is the author of the book The Thought Leadership Manual and has won three national awards for successful thought leadership campaigns.


We do hope you will be able to join us.  The webinar is complimentary to Kelso Consulting clients, otherwise £10 + VAT early bird tickets (ends 14 August) or full price £19.99+ VAT.   

This webinar takes place on Thursday 4 February from 12.00pm - 1.00 pm. Please click here to secure your placeAll participtants will also get the slides and a full recording afterwards.

PR Seminar, London

If you are unable to attend, please do register and we will send you a full recording of the slides, presentation and questions to listen to at your leisure.


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