• The Benefits

    You will create the launchpad for success, including having a plan and framework that you can confidently use immediately in creating your thought leadership initiative, confident of political support, budgets, timescales, likely ROI and achievable objectives.

  • Who is the launchpad for?

    Our Launchpad support is a great starting point for teams that are new to thought leadership campaigns.

    It will also really help teams whose previous campaigns have stalled or generally failed to get going.

What is successful Thought Leadership?

Great thought leadership is all about grabbing the attention of your clients and prospects with:

- Original ideas
- With important implications
- Backed by evidence
- Clearly expressed, publicly discussed
- That strongly influence the opinions of others

Creating the Launchpad for great thought leadership



The best results come strong preparation, and if you are at the early stages of developing a thought leadership initiative, our support will help get you off to the best possible start.

Thought Leadership

It's tempting to jump straight to the fun stuff, such as brainstorming and research.  But the best results come from investing time and thought early on to get everything and everyone aligned.  


Complex projects rarely run smoothly, and the successful ones are those where there is compelling business case, political buy-in, realistic timescales and appropriate resources.  We will use our extensive experience of such campaigns to ensure you are in the best possible position right from the start.


Areas where we will work with you and your team to ensure the best possible Launchpad for a really successful thought leadership initiative will include:

  - Creating a compelling business case
  - Securing internal buy-in and budgets
  Identifying themes where your initiative will get the best results
  Identifying resources need and how to maximise the impact with available budget
  Creating a realistic and achievable timetable for your campaign
  - Defining SMART marketing and business objectives (Specific Measurable Appropriate Realistic with a         Timescale)


What is the benefit to me?


You and your team, as well as your business, will be aligned behind a clear plan and framework that you can confidently use immediately as a Launchpad to creating a highly successful thought leadership initiative to bring dramatic benefits to your business.



Who is the Thought Leadership Launchpad service particularly for?

This service is particularly for businesses and teams who are either:

  - new to thought leadership campaigns who are looking for the best possible results from their first initiative; or

  - teams where previous thought leadership initiatives have floundered and you are looking to ensure the next initiative is a stunning success.

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