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Each day there are thousands of searches by business owners, executives and others looking for solutions to their problems from suppliers and other sources.

For instance, according to Hubspot (the online content marketing software company) it estimates that each month there are:

Searches related to accountants, including:

320 searches on Google for "accounting firms in London"
480 for "accounting firms"
880 for "big four accounting firms" (incidentally, none of the Big Four firm's websites appear on the front page of Google for this search)
880 for "top accounting firms"
170 for "forensic accountants"
210 for "tax consultant"

1,900 for "insovlency practitioners"

Searches related to lawyers, including:

70 searches for "employment law help" (and 27,100 for "employment law"!)
170 for "commercial due diligence"
40 for "commercial property lawyer"
40 for "commercial litigation lawyer"
90 for "contract lawyer"

Searches related to consultants, including:

70 searches for "technology consulting firms"
140 for "IT consulting firms"
30 for "outsourcing consultants"
110 for "strategy consultants"
170 for "strategy consulting firms"
480 for "business consultants"

Want to know where your firm appears?   Simply enter some of these keyphrases (or others relevant to your firm) into Google and find out (best done in Private / Incognito mode to give an unbiased result).   If you firm is not appearing on the first page, the chances are you are invisible to most people searching.

Want to do something about it and get to the top of Google?  Attend our SEO webinar to find out how surprisingly easy it is!




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