Public Relations experience: Management and HR issues


Our approach with our clients includes ensuring they are known for their insights on the important management challenges facing their clients and prospects.

After all, if you want to grab the attention of business owners and senior directors, you need to be able to help them with their big issues (such as leadership, risk and growth).

Examples of our experience in positioning our clients as experts on solving the management, leadership and HR challenges businesses face include:

Management consultants:  we have worked with a range of consultancy firms (from the very largest, such as Accenture) to ambitious new practices


Law firms:

We have extensive experience of devising and delivering Public Relations campaigns for the employment teams of law firms (both UK and international) to build their reputations with senior decision-makers (the targets of recent PR campaigns have included large corporates and the City, as well as the public sector and SME business owner.)

Technology businesses:

The HR function in large corporations can be an important buyer or stakeholder in many IT purchases. Our thought leadership and Public Relations HR campaigns have helped our B2B technology clients build credibility and businesses through careful targeting of the HR press and freelance writers that cover HR and workplace issues.

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Case Studies:


McKinney Rogers

Pr agency london

Doyle Clayton

Pr consultants london



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