Kelso Consulting helps delivers a high impact payments public realtions campaign 

In 2012, CMS brought in Kelso Consulting to help secure high-impact press coverage for a campaign it was leading to use an impending EU court decision to persuade the UK government to regulate these “interchange” fees - a complex area with opaque charges and large sums of money involved.

CMS works with retailers to help them decipher the complex charges they incur when customers pay with plastic. Without specialist help the complex variety of charges from the different providers and different situations would be completely opaque to retailers – despite it being a very large cost.

The increased popularity of paying with plastic means that this is a growing cost to retailers. On top of this, the card industry has steadily ratcheted-up the interchange fees - which are imposed on retailers with no room for negotiation. CMS Payments Intelligence believes the situation is unfair and also damages Britain’s high streets, which are already under severe pressure with shops closing steadily throughout

For full details of the payments public relations campaign for the CMS please click here to download the accompanying case study.

To contact Kelso Consulting to discuss how we can boost your payments public realtions campaign, please call director Tim Prizeman on 020 7242 2286 or email Kelso Consulting.

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