Getting to the top of Google

SEO seminar in London

 Seminar near Oxford Circus, central London on Tuesday 26 April 2016 from 12.30pm-2pm

"Getting to the top of Google" - seminar overview

SEO Seminar, London

Got a problem or need a supplier? The first thing most people do now is look on Google.

And it is not just people looking for holidays and plumbers.... it is businesses looking for high-value suppliers and solutions for complex management challenges - by way of example, click here to see the number of monthly searches relevant to your firm!

If your business does not appear prominently on search engines when business owers and executives are looking, you are missing out in one of the largest markets for your service - people searching online.  

"Search engine optimisation" (SEO for short) is the jargon for making sure webpages appear at the top of Google when people search.  The good news is that for most business-to-business firms don't have to spend lots of money nor apply lots of secret techniques requiring IT knowledge.  

In fact, many top places can be achieved through applying straightforward rules to the text and other elements on your own webpages.

Our half-day course is here to help you ensure your practice gets great leads through being at the top of Google. After all, a day or two invested in getting to the top of Google will ensure a flow of suitable leads over many, many months (perhaps almost indefinitely).


The seminar will be in central London on Tuesday 26 April from 12.30pm-2pm

It is limited to five attendees maximum to ensure you get the maximum benefit.


The SEO seminar is particularly for:

  • Partners and sales heads who want to ensure their website is working much more effectively (but ultimately will brief their website manager, without having to worry about the hands-on programming). 

  • Marketing team members with basic website knowledge who want to maximise their firm's rankings and traffic when potential clients search.


seo seminar


SEO seminar for management consultants

SEO seminar - who should attend?

Anyone responsible for marketing and sales in professional, consultancy and business technology firms, including:  partners with marketing responsibilities; marketing managers; and anyone involved in maintaining web pages (who does not have strong SEO knowledge), where:

  1. The practice is not appearing prominently on Google for key searches!  (Not sure where your firm appears?  Click here to find out more!)

  2. Their website does not generate a regular flow of suitable leads.

  3. Anyone paying a lot to external SEO specialists who would rather do it themself.


Attendees of this SEO seminar will learn:

Everything needed to get their practice quickly to the top of Google - and the will leave with a plan that will allow them to do it immediately on their return to the office.

  • Creating a "key word strategy" so you can target the prospects you want (during the session we will help you will identify your 10 most important search phrases where you want to come top of Google)

  • The technical stuff - simplified! Given your keywords, what you need on your webpage (and where you need it) so Google loves your pages and wants to list them prominently

  • Measuring for success -- the management information you should monitor to ensure that your strategy is on course and your tactics are working.

  • Turning traffic into leads. It is not enough to get people onto your website - you must make them want to contact you. We'll be showing you how to make your web pages really effective as lead generators.

  • We will also be covering GoogleAds. Successful strategies for getting to the top of Google include judicious use of GoogleAds which, in our experience, are often the very best way of creating suitable leads quickly on a minimal budget.


What you will leave with:

  • A clear schedule of everything that needs to be undertaken to ensure your webpages work hard, day in and day out, to generate a regular flow of relevant leads.

  • During the seminar you will create a strategy to ensure that you're clear on your prospects and what you need to do to get on the top of Google when these people are searching for your services

  • The specific plan of activity that you need to undertake when you return to the office to quickly apply the recommendations and techniques to your website to ensure it is generating regular leads within days of attending the seminar.

  • Everything you need to ensure that Google AdWords are are working successfully for you, generating regular leads at minimum cost


Specific areas covered include:

  • Getting to the top of Google - what is important on your webpages and how to fix them

  • Creating a keyword strategy and metrics (so you know where you are ranking, what is working and what needs attention)

  • 10 quick fixes that will have a dramatic impact on your search engine rankings

  • Using Google Adwords cost effectively

  • How to create webpages that generate enquiries, not just traffic (and how to apply this to your business)


seo seminar


Who is leading this SEO seminar

The practical seminar will be presented by Tim Prizeman of Kelso Consulting and is based on his personal experience of personally successfully optimisating the Kelso Consulting website (and those of various clients) over the past 10+ years to successfully top Google and generate numerous enquiries and clients.

What results will you get?

Similar results or better have been achieved by our clients who have improved the optimisation of their webpages.At Kelso we have well over 200 target key phrases and currently come in the top 3 of Google search for over a third of them (and in the top 10 for well over half). This generates a good flow of enquiries from very relevant prospects per month (and over half of our current retained clients first found us from a Google search).

Many of the changes will create Google ranking benefits within days of being implemented.

Within 3 months of implementing the plans and actions you develop at this 5-person workshop, you too will have numerous webpages appearing on the first page of Google and will have experienced a substantial increase in the number of relevant enquires through your website.  


The seminar will be held in central London on Tuesday 26 April from 12.30pm-2pm.

seo seminar


If you would like to discuss any aspects of this course before attending to ensure its relevance to your firm, please call Kelso Consulting on 020 7242 2286.




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