Getting your SME business in the national media

Seminar in London

Seminar near Oxford Circus, central London on Friday 22 July 2016 from 12:30pm-2pm.

There is nothing that brings greater impact and credibility for a business, particularly a small or mid-sized one, than appearing in the quality business media - especially the national daily newspapers.

This seminar is all about sharing how your business can apply the proven techniques to get high-impact national media coverage.This is particularly the case for B2B and financial businesses, such as partnerships, financial technology companies and consultancies.

Your business in the national media


Many businesses miss out through mistaken beliefs including:

  • The media is only interested in big companies (not so - we'll be looking at several case studies of small and mid-sized firms getting lots of high impact coverage)

  • The media is only interested in London businesses (not so - the national media is certainly very London-centric, but its not a problem!)

  • It is expensive (not if you do it the right way!  We have several awards for "limited budget campaigns" that have generated huge coverage, lots of leads and a market leadership position for smaller businesses).

"Getting your B2B business in the national media" – seminar overview

Getting your business in the national media

In this seminar we will be covering:

  • What are the elements that every journalist looks for in a story when judging its "news value"?  We'll be revealing them and highlighting how your business can turn this to its advantage to create stories that grab journalists' attention.

  • There are four simple tactics that particularly work for smaller and mid-sized businesses looking for national media coverage - we'll tell you them!

  •  Thinking of issuing a press release? In many cases it's the last thing you should do if you want coverage in a national newspaper. We'll tell you what to do instead

  •  We'll be looking at case studies of three SME business clients (a tech firm, an outsourcer and a law firm) that gained strong national coverage - and what are their lessons you can apply.

 Getting your business in the national media

This seminar is particularly for:

This seminar is particularly for CEOs and directors of SME businesses looking to achieve strong growth through using national media coverage to dramatically improve their business's reputation, credibility and brand.

Other business benefits from attending include:

  • Our seminar ensures a  highly productive burst of practical tips relevant to SME businesses, especially professional services and business technology firms 

  • There will be refreshments and the opportunity to network with other like-minded business owners

seo seminar


Who is leading this Public Relations seminar

The practical seminar will be presented by Tim Prizeman of Public Relations advisers Kelso Consulting and is based on his personal experience of successfully securing prominent national media coverage for dozens of SME businesses (and winning four national PR awards for such campaigns).


The seminar will be held in central London on Friday 22 July 12.30pm-2pm.

 Getting your business in the national media

If you would like to discuss any aspects of this event before attending, please call Kelso Consulting  on 020 7242 2286.



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