Kelso leads PR for new university NMITE launch

Kelso News: PR agencey launchs new university 


Kelso Consulting is leading the national and social media launch of Britain's first new “greenfield” university in 40 years. 

NMITE (New Model In Technology and Engineering) will be based in a purpose-built campus in Hereford and will open its doors to its first 300 graduates in September 2017.

Inspired and supported by the radical and renowned Olin College of Engineering in America,
NMITE seeks to radically change the way engineering and related technologies are taught in Britain. It will help tackle the growing shortage of graduates with the broad range of additional business skills that employers seek.

The university is also backed by leading Russell Group universities Bristol and Warwick, as well as a broad coalition of academics, businesses, politicians and Herefordshire County Council. Also, support came from the Cabinet with the Chancellor recently Tweeting his enthusiasm for the university.

David Sheppard , co-leader of the Development Team (who has been involved since its very inception) said: "This launch marks the point at which Britain gets a new university to help address the country's chronic shortage of suitable technology and engineering graduates.

“The combination of widespread backing from three world-class academic partners means that our doors will open in Autumn 2017 for the first students to enter this ground-breaking new university in a brand new campus in Hereford's historic centre.


“We needed a PR campaign that strongly communicated this, particularly to business audiences. Reaching business influencers is vital for the next stage of NMITE’s development, both to inspire philanthropists who will support NMITE’s future development and also to involve businesses in the actual design of the curriculum.

“Important as the education media is, we sought a PR agency that would go well beyond this to also generate widespread and high-impact business media coverage too.”

Tim Prizeman of Kelso Consulting said: “The new university had been in development for two years and had been well supported by the local media. The challenge of the launch strategy was to ensure national journalists were made familiar with project in this key development phase with many of the details were yet to be formally agreed and subject to change.

“An important element of our strategy included a tour for NMITE’s co-leaders during which pretty much every national and trade magazine that mattered was either met or spoken to by phone. This was highly effective as it allowed many questions journalists had to be strongly addressed.

“National journalists are a sceptical bunch and each day they are approach by someone promoting ‘the next big thing’. It is important to have dealings with them based on substance, not ‘smoke and mirrors’. NMITE is a great story and to get the maximum impact at this stage it was important for this to be put across clearly, factually and without distracting and counter-productive razzmatazz.”

Kelso Consulting is handling the national media launch of NMITE and subsequent ongoing PR and social media support. It is working in association with local PR agency Sapien Communications, which is handling Herefordshire media and is also involved in employer engagement initiatives.

The campaign launched on  4 March with a prominent page 4 lead story about NMITE in the Financial Times - click here to read more about NMITE in the FT article.


To contact Kelso Consulting please call director Tim Prizeman on 020 7242 2286 or use our contact form.

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