Jason Voutsinos, PR Account Executive

Jason is a PR Account Executive at Kelso Consulting

Office Manager Kelso Consulting


Jason's main daily role is to ensure clients are receiving outstanding PR support.

His role ranges from generating press interviews and liaising with journalists, to gaining article commissions in leading business publications as well as drafting impactful articles and press releases.

Jason also looks after several of our clients' social media, creating punchy LinkedIn and Twitter updates, together with drafting in-depth LinkedIn posts.

Jason is also responsible for ensuring several of our clients' websites are optimised so they appear prominently on search engines to help them generate a regular flow of leads through their website.

In addition to a degree in Public Relations, Jason is becoming a black belt master of the inbound marketing software Hubspot that we use on our own website and in supporting clients too.

To contact Jason Voutsinos, please call him on 020 7242 2286 or email by clicking here.


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