Creating a successful business book to rapidly grow your businesses webinar

This webinar will be presented in Autumn 2015 between 12.30pm - 1.30pm.  Please click here to register your interest for this webinar and be kept informed when the date is finalised. 

There is nothing that better positions a person and their business as a leading authority in their field than being the author of a book. We are not talking self-published books! We are talking about business books sold in WH Smith, bookshops and Amazon. 

Historically professional firms have often created technical books (for instance on tax and audit issues), but many would-be authors and their marketing teams are put off by the prospect of the time involved. It needn’t be like this!

This webinar is particularly relevant to:
1. Executives, partners and business owners who feel 'there is a book in them' and want to investigate what it involves (and learn the short-cuts to make the process it as profitable and painless as possible).

2. Marketing professionals who are either involved in such projects, or who want to investigate the feasibility of producing a business book for their firm.

The main speaker is Tim Prizeman of Kelso Consulting who has been involved in launching many business books. His presentation with include:

  • Creating a business book

    How press coverage is vital to helping getting initial sales off to a flying start (for instance: getting international editions and all-important prominent placements in W H Smith)

  • Dozens of business books are launched each week, yet few get much coverage – how to get great press coverage for your book.

  • A case study of “The Commando Way” book that Kelso Consulting helped launch in Autumn 2012 (which has secured prominent coverage in such newspapers as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sunday Telegraph, and numerous other business publications).

Our guest speaker David Woods of LID Publishing will be able to draw on his experience of helping numerous business professionals and executives author successful business books that have catapulted their reputation and business to a new level.

Specifically he will cover:
1. The characteristics of a successful author – what is required of a successful author

2. What subjects work well in the market

3. Everyone is busy – how a successful book can be delivered despite all the calls on executives and partners' time

4. The commercial ins and outs to make it a success

5. What subjects are hot at present

6. How to work with a publisher to achieve success


The webinar will take place in February 2015 between 12.30pm - 1.30pm. Please do click here to register your interest for this webinar.


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