5 Top Tips on using LinkedIn for management consultants

By Kelso PR

Nathalie Greenfield 

London public relations

 With over 300 million users across the globe, there is no doubt that LinkedIn is a hugely influential social media platform. Its business potential for management consultants is huge.

The internet has irrevocably changed the way that we do business, and your clients will be doing most of their research before they engage with a management consultant online. If they don’t find you when they’re doing their online research, then chances are you will miss out on new business checking you out on social media platforms. Using LinkedIn effectively can help position you as a recognised expert within your industry. It is also a useful tool for retaining existing clients, finding new clients and developing positive relationships with the media.


Here are five top tips on using LinkedIn for your management consultancy.


1. Make sure you have a clear strategy  

It is important to know precisely why and how you are using LinkedIn. Think carefully about your aims and who you are trying to reach. Do you want to network with existing clients? Are you using it for recruitment purposes? Do you simply want to boost your online presence? Addressing why you have signed up can help tailor your approach to the site and the content you post on it.

One of the many benefits of LinkedIn is that it allows you to keep an up-to-the-minute, readily accessible contacts book. It keeps you in touch with all of your business contacts, including people who might otherwise drift off your radar. It also keeps you in their mind and shows you who they know.

You are also able to network with prospective clients. With your management consultancy expertise set out on your page, prospective clients can identify how you could help them. If your experience is sufficiently extensive, they will regard you as an industry leader.

Existing clients are without a doubt the most valuable assets to your consultancy. For example, they can be a great source of potential referrals. Client retention is of paramount importance and you need to nurture your relationships with them. We suggest creating a LinkedIn group dedicated to your existing clients that provides exclusive information for them.


 2. Be SEO Savvy

London Public Relations

You wouldn’t leave your business to its own devices and hope that people will simply happen across it one day, so why would you do this with your company website? Though we are all aware that social media can greatly boost SEO, some management consultancies do not make use of LinkedIn’s full potential in this area.

Being a major business search engine in its own right, LinkedIn can boost your visibility on Google, driving traffic to your website. In this way, your LinkedIn company profile can improve your ability to be found by potential business clients.

To use LinkedIn for boosting SEO, we recommend that you think about the keywords that people would use if they were looking for your management consultancy (i.e. the kinds of things that they would put into a Google or LinkedIn search.)

Once you have identified your keywords, make sure that these keywords appear frequently throughout your profile. There are lots of opportunities for this, including headings and descriptions. This will increase the chances of people finding you amongst the sea of other management consultancies out there. It is also worth noting that the more content you can add to your profile with these keywords (such as presentations, book reviews and endorsements) the better! Once attracted to your LinkedIn profile, your potential clients will naturally follow through on to your website.

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3. Perfect presentation, clever content

Remember that the content of your LinkedIn company profile is of upmost importance. Do not neglect it at the expense of keywords!

One of the most obvious ways of drawing people in is to give your business a headline description. Simply displaying your company name will not necessarily encourage people to select your company profile in a list of search results. Kelso Consulting suggests having a clear and succinct description, so that potential clients are aware of what your management consultancy does. For instant, on Kelso Consulting’s LinkedIn page our name is ‘Kelso Consulting (Public Relations Consultants).’ This not only prevents confusion with similar named businesses, it also instantly communicates what we do. It is often assumed that people already know your company and what you do simply by its name; this is not always the case!


4. Network effectively 

Management consultants, with their broad perspectives and strong analytical abilities, are well placed to be media commentators. Being a commentator attracts clients and helps you manage your reputation. Most importantly, it makes you an expert in your field. Consequently, developing relationships within the media can greatly help your business.

More than 90% of media professionals today are on LinkedIn. Networking with them is now easier with this social media platform. Kelso Consulting suggests inviting media professionals to your group. This also enables them to see what you can provide for their audiences.


5. Get recommended!

LinkedIn provides the opportunity for clients - past and present - to endorse your management consultancy. Getting recommended and ‘liked’ can therefore produce new business leads. It also shows your clients that you are good at what you do.

If you want endorsements on social media, the content of your LinkedIn account has to stand out. We recommend you post interesting articles and content that will make people want to share it or comment on the excellent work you are doing. These things will also help your LinkedIn ranking.


Finally, remember that doing all of the above just once will not suffice. Like a garden, your LinkedIn profile needs regular cultivation. Keep your account updated by posting interesting, relevant and SEO-boosting content. Most importantly, answer your messages on a timely basis. You never know who has found you and what may come of it!

Whilst LinkedIn is an important tool, it is not a replacement for the real world. Use it to supplement your content marketing strategy, to draw in potential clients and to network effectively. If you harness its potential for your management consultancy you will reap the rewards.


Click here to download out guide on creating the perfect LinkedIn company page.


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