SlideShare and management consultants: a match made in heaven

By Tim Prizeman

As a management consultant, positioning yourself as recognized expert and a media commentator is key. Using social media is one way to go about this and SlideShare is one social media platform that you shouldn’t neglect. Wide-reaching, effective and different, SlideShare can be a real boost to your business marketing strategy.

What is it?

SlideShare describes itself as “the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and professional content.” Fundamentally, it is a platform for uploading, sharing and reviewing presentations and is a great social media stage for connecting with your clients, in addition to promoting yourself as a leader.

Why SlideShare is an asset:


1. It increases your online presence

SlideShare has 60 million unique visitors each month and has more than 12 million uploads. This impressive reach is only augmented by the SlideShare app for Android, which was released in 2013 (testers are already out for iOS). The potential power of SlideShare, therefore, is far from negligible and there are many opportunities to capitalise on this.


It is very simple to share your management consultancy SlideShare presentations on your existing social media platforms. Embedding your slides into a web page and blog also helps people find your content and read it. In this way, you can inspire businesses beyond your usual circle.


Good SlideShare presentations get 100,000s of views and are widely shared. Consequently, using SlideShare correctly can be a huge boost to your online presence, your SEO, and can be of huge benefit to your growth strategy.


2. It positions you as an expert in your field


Management consultants have broad perspectives, great analytical abilities and are perfectly suited to be media commentators. You are acknowledged specialists. If you keep all of your knowledge to yourself, though, how will your potential clients ever know that you are an expert in your field? SlideShare enables you to put bite-sized pieces of your expertise into compelling, attention-grabbing and memorable presentations that your target audience will read, share and remember.


Being found by the ‘right’ people is crucial, and SlideShare can help here too. In posting your SlideShare presentations on relevant sections of itswebsite, such as the Business or Economy & Finance sections, you will ensure that your presentations are found by an audience to whom they are highly relevant.


3. It facilitates the achievement of your marketing goals

SlideShare lends itself well to content marketing too. Your management consultancy presentations can add ideas and insight to your existing online marketing activities; in essence SlideShare enables marketers to create and share great online content.


SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, which makes it very easy to add your presentations to your LinkedIn profile. This is another way of getting your expert management consultancy content online and on a much-viewed platform, making you stand out ahead of your competitors.


4. It is easy to use


The content and design of your SlideShare presentation is important, and the platform is easy to navigate. The process for uploading presentations is remarkably simple and files can be uploaded in one of three formats: PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or Adobe PDF Portfolios.

To best profit from what SlideShare has to offer, your management consultancy content has to be well adapted to the medium. Bold, punchy presentations with great design will go a lot further than bland, long-winded slides. SlideShare offers lots of accessible advice on how to do this, including this very helpful guide.

5. The proof is in the pudding


SlideShare is working for management consultancies right now. Many consultancies already benefit from what this presentation platform has to offer.


As the site gives users lots of information on how many people have viewed, shared and downloaded your presentation, marketers find it easy to track the reach and success of their SlideShare slides. The rating and comment system also enables consultancies to interact with clients and the wider public. Professional content can be saved and read offline, which means that your presentations can be accessed by clients, colleagues and competitors at any time.


In short, SlideShare is a social media tool that you should not neglect. It has the potential to increase your online presence and to give you the edge over your competitors in the social media marketing arena. Investing a little time and effort here will go a long way!


Why not take a look at my presentation on the many benefits of SlideShare for business here?


Tim Prizeman is Director of London-based PR firm Kelso Consulting (

Tim has over 20 years’ experience in devising and delivering award winning Public Relations and Thought Leadership campaigns for professional services and technology firms. Tim regularly presents seminars on the benefits of social media, particularly LinkedIn, for business and applies this strategy to help clients with their own strategy.

Tim can be contacted at the Kelso Consulting offices on 020 7242 2286 or at For his business development and social media strategy tips do follow him on Twitter @TimPrizeman or visit our company page.

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